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  • ¿What is Fatalism ? ¿Que es el fatalismo?

    Fatalism is an affront of the ego towards the soul and its optimism.
    El fatalismo es una afrenta del ego hacia el alma y su optimismo.

    © All rights reserved Rigo Muniz

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  • Poetry La Poesía

    Poetry is born from the soul and the heart gives it touches of beauty.
    The mind is not your resource.
    It is rather an unknown.La Poesía nace del alma y el corazón le da pinceladas de belleza.
    La mente no es su recurso.
    Es más bien una incognita
    © All rights reserved Rigo Muniz

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  • Being a good person is not enough

    Being a good person is not enough, we must share the fragrance of goodness everywhere.
    Y no Basta ser bueno, es menester llevar la bondad a Todos.
    © All rights reserved Rigo Muniz

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  • Balloon

    Without Love

    Without Love, the World, Nature would have no reason to exist. God is Love, he is Infinite Goodness.
    © All rights reserved Rigo Muniz

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My Pen

My pen runs briskly like a light steed.
Call yourself enormous strength; and that's my pen...Drive, invite your agile and graceful figure...And in his strokes glory...It is that his art is to philosophize...Like foamy waves bathe the paper. And it is that his voice acquires value...May the idea of ​​good reach souls deep...Cover the snowy flakes of purity...Is my pen a den? no, brother, its meaning is verticalization!
Light, strength, Infinite Power!..Sweetness, Strong Will and Love!...Copyright © by Rigo Muniz. All Rights Reserved.

El Valle Palace

My Pluma

Mi pluma corre briosa cuál corcel ligero...Digase fuerza descomunal; y esa es mi pluma..Impele, invita su ágil y graciosa figura... Y en sus trazos gloria.
Es que su arte es filosofar...Como espumoso oleaje baña el papel. Y es que adquiere valor su voz... Lleguen profundas a las almas la idea del bien...Cubranse los níveos copos de pureza...¿Es acaso mi pluma antro? No, hermano, su significado es
¡Luz, fuerza, Poder Infinito!
¡, Voluntad firme y Amor!
Copyright © by Rigo Muniz.

What is Love?

Love is not the manifestation of the visible, but the invisible bond that subdues us.
Copyright © by Rigo Muniz.

Prelude to Wisdom

To Recognize your own weaknesses is a prelude to supreme wisdom.

Copyright © by Rigo Muniz.

Pinar del Rio, Cuba

The Intuition

The living voice of intuition and true knowledge, transcends beyond the objective, which it only concerns the limited physical senses and its realm: the subjective, which reaches the Cosmic and finds its repose in what is real.


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My God is Infinite, it is only good. If I put another definition, he is no longer God, perhaps "a busy bookkeeper, a boss who takes offense at the actions of men. I firmly believe in the highest good; and that is God. Where does God live?
God dwells in the hearts of all men and women of good or bad will.
For in his love there is no distinction
of race, sex, nationality and behavior.

Mount Washington

Rigo Muniz

Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda

Autobiography of a Yogi is one of the hidden gems and treasures of the Spiritual haven and can be found in libraries and Universities around the Globe.

It was written and published by Guru Paramahansa Yogananda in 1946

Understanding Creation by Higher Intuition

The Intellect is the greater obstacle to understanding Intelligent Creation. The law of Cause and Effect

Lotus arch at lake Shrine

You create your own reality

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”  Author of  Think and

The Saintly Life of LUTHER MCKINNIE: A Great African-American Devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda

The Saintly Life of Luther McKinnie by Phil Decardo

Luther McKinnie was an active member and spiritual presence in the SRF Hollywood community for over

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