Understanding Creation by Higher Intuition

The Intellect is the greater obstacle to understanding Intelligent Creation. The law of Cause and Effect perfectly explains the calamities and deaths of physical bodies  made in the image of God. This means that we are souls with the attributes of God, despite of having a temporary existence.

If God intervenes in the actions of men, we would be simple robots. Instead, God gave us the choice to choose good or evil. The Creator gave us free will. 

God is not an anthropomorphic being or an old man sitting on a Throne.  He is pure spirit.  God is personal and impersonal. He is infinite and has always existed.

Creation arises on the Causal or Ideas plane and then manifests itself on the Astral Plane, hence on the Physical plane.

Material creation is illusory and if it were pleasant, we would never endeavor to abandon it. Reincarnation is compulsory and it is governed by unsatisfied desires. Free will and carnal desires are dependent upon the five sensorial senses. They bring us many problems. The intellect and the Ego are barriers to reach the Wisdom of God and Creation. Through transcendental meditation we manage to develop Buddha Intuition. Which is the source of all Wisdom. All the treasure are within our heart. Life on earth is fleeting, to appreciate the Celestial Kingdom, you need the purifying sieve of suffering. Without contrast, it is impossible to appreciate the good and the eternal. From intellectual elucubrations and reading books, you will never be able to know the truth.  It is only achieved through a guiding Guru and a scientific meditation technique.

Religions fail because they focus on the Exoteric, that is, traditions and rituals. They do not teach you mysticism or esotericism. To know the flavor of a mango, you have to eat it and the objective description never surpasses the subjective one. There is the objective consciousness, the subjective, the Astral, the Causal and Supra-Causal.  we find that as we travel into inner space.

Rigo Muniz -All Rights Reserved.

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