The Saintly Life of LUTHER MCKINNIE: A Great African-American Devotee of Paramahansa Yogananda

The Saintly Life of Luther McKinnie by Phil Decardo

Luther McKinnie was an active member and spiritual presence in the SRF Hollywood community for over 30 years, until his passing in 2002. For those many devotees who knew him, none will ever forget the blessing of attending his weekly meditations and the devotional power of his kirtan chanting.

For those who didn’t meet Luther, this book will serve as an intimate introduction to this deeply spiritual soul – and probably surprise many who did know him, as well! Luther was very humble and unassuming. His story, as finally told in these pages, reveals the deep inner life he had and conveys the inspiration he received through his own divine communion.

This biography, written by a close friend and companion of Luther’s, tells the inspiring story of his journey following a path that placed him beyond the boundaries of traditional Western religion.

From a farm in the deep South to the hustle of New York City, Luther McKinnie’s life eventually led him to Los Angeles and the meditation teachings of the great master, Paramahansa Yogananda.

Although Luther was born into a poor farming family, he left this world as a saint – a man of wisdom, love, and abiding joy. Against incredible odds, he overcame the limitations of poverty, racial prejudice, and the weaknesses of human nature to achieve a blissful soul knowledge that many aspire to but few have attained.

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