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Why Humanity is going crazy?

Why Humanity is going crazy?

beautiful Sunset at beach
(Beautiful Sunset at the beach)

Humanity behave like sheep, because their minds have been programmed and conditioned to accept and obey only to the higher authorities without questioning their deeds and words, and regardless of their ethics and lack of morals.

So they react negatively to anyone who seem a threat to their comfort zone and primitive way of thinking.

Souls conditioned by the influence of a strong environment and a myriad of bad habits from many many incarnations, fail to distinguish wrong from right.

Many of them come from broken homes and were raised during the drug culture as a byproduct of a decadent and materialistic society.

For many decades They have been indoctrinated in public schools by confusing instruction with education.

To them facts do not matter and they are a misnomer of those who are perceived as archetypes of evil and see them as enemies that need to be eradicated because they prefer darkness to light. They live on the cave of Plato and fear the light.

In many cases they are surrounded by astral beings of the lower plane and those souls who are hovering the earth etheric field who impinge upon their behavior by. committing acts of violence, including suicide and other barbaric crimes.

They do not read good books.

And The great majority of them are tethered by materialism and atheism.

They see the world in the three dense third dimension. They fail to see beyond the veil of Maya.

They see technology as true civilization.

And for. them Immorality is the way to live so it is taboo for them if any good person attempt to teach them religion and spirituality.

I owe my grandfather the habit of learning and reading good books and I am forever full of gratitude.

When I was 8 years old I was challenged by a friend of the family to read classic literature of higher caliber and to play chess with style.

I also admit that my desire of constantly inquiry about the world and my innate spirit of curiosity comes from past habits that were cultivated in many past incarnations.

I always question everything and think deeply about life and nature.

I consider myself an independent soul and free from those evil manipulators.

And I am not easily. persuaded by words or impressed by people of higher authority and fame despite their pseudo intellectual prowess and academic degrees.

At this time, What you see is a horde of souls incarnated in this planet that belong to a low degree of soul evolution.

Many of them came from planets of lower degree of evolution and others are souls left behind from past yugas who experienced the horrors of wars, slavery and ancestral fracticide wars.

They are subject to astral vampires. And their hatred and ignorance cause them to behave like automatons and robots.

If we raise our spiritual vibrations we shall be able to cleanse the dense astral and weak etheric field that surround our blue planet.

So if we meditate we contribute to heal the wounded earth and to raise the spiritual vibrations of those who surround us.

Mass karma is driving us to almost a big catastrophe.

Instead of fighting among each other for material things we should work together in peace.

For example there are plenty of rocks heading toward our earth’s orbit.

Instead of building weapons of mass destruction we should build missiles to deviate the dangerous elliptic trajectory of these dangerous celestial objects aiming at us.

Peace unto all!

The Power within you

© All rights reserved Rigo Muniz

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