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Be a Smile Millionaire

“O Silent Laughter—smile Thou through my soul. Let my soul smile through my heart. And let my heart smile through my eyes. O Prince of Smiles! Be Thou enthroned beneath the canopy of
my countenance, safe in the castle of my sincerity, where no rebel hypocrisy can lurk to destroy Thy presence in me.

Make me a smile‐millionaire, that I may scatter Thy rich smiles freely upon sad hearts everywhere!” by  Paramahansa Yogananda

Cultivate noble Thoughts and try to be a champion of difficult situations. Smile and wave with energy; you will not be less than anyone. That's normal, always think positively. Indifference is coldness just begun, don't let it reach greater proportions.
Be always warm and when you want solitude in yourself, do not make others notice them. Always be receptive to outside impressions. The interior helps you more, even if you do not perceive it clearly. It is always like this and do not forget that when you feel the damaged sensitivity, raise your thoughts to God and he will come quickly to your call, because the Lord always waits for the thirsty ones of the spirit.

Copyright © by Rigo Muniz. All Rights Reserved.


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