Rigo Muniz

In this World everything is Ephemeral by Rigo Muniz

The petals of a Rose or a Tulip wilt for a time after they deliver their fragrance and unconditional vitality.

So in this world happiness, love, and peace are dizzying and impermanent. 

Everything is ephemeral in the short terrestrial life and like the delicate bubbles that float briefly in the air; these vanish in the space-time of infinity.

Nothing survives the relentless waves of the ocean, not the intense rays of the Sun and not the lashings of an angry and relentless wind.

The immortal soul seems that as it dies in agony while the light that one day illuminated it, today they abandon it with their indifference.

It is as if every fiber of sensitivity and harmony yearns for eternal rest; to end their suffering.

What other course is the most appropriate? It is fruitless to try to save it, but at least we cannot let out a sigh and a tear in homage to the memory of oblivion.

The forgetful person is happier in his egoism, and without realizing that another being suffers too much; he seeks refuge in the uplifting silence and finds nothing but a cold and abandoned home.

The most beautiful poetry, paintings, sculptures and literary works are born from that agony.

And sometimes they become classic and timeless. But many end up anonymous and only God retains their memory.

Copyright © by Rigo Muniz.

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