Pseudo – Science is in vogue

Pseudo – Science in vogue
Outburst of emotionalism pregnant with Absolute aberration of blind fanaticism in the name of Science, by not permitting an exchange of free criticism with its corresponding open questions and answers in open forums, it is absurd and backwards.
And it conspires with common sense and real scientific progress.
Real Science begins with curiosity, imagination, observation and a process of practical experimentation, analysis, hypotheses, and a theory subject to failures and changes.
It is relative and never absolute.

It is a contradiction to promote science by establishing that unproven and weak theories ought to be adopted because certain authority of power say so by decree.
In 1801 Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi published ‘How Gertrude teaches her Children.’
Pestalozzi’s teaching method of encouraging children to observation and experimentation was a Revolution in European Education at the start of the Century of enlightenment.
He rejected memorization and taught children how to think for themselves.
Today’s Pestalozzi would have been subject to arbitrary censorship and persecution by Academic institutions, politicians and high tech monopolies.
True belongs to all, and not a few and must be defended.
Science integrity must be protected at all cost if we want to remain free, independent and prosperous.
We cannot encase light and progress by binding the Prometheus of free Reasoning with the chains of ignorance and despotism.
Author: Rigo Muniz – Al rights Reserved
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